Preparing Your Home for Wedding Day On A Shoestring Budget

houston wedding on shoestring budget

Though your wedding day is meant to be one of the happiest days of your life, the planning process and preparing your home is among one of life’s most stressful events. All inclusive wedding package at House Estate in Houston will help you lessen the stress in your wedding preparation. Case in point, surveys revealed that individuals endure stress-induced symptoms such as hair loss, skin breakouts, insomnia, decreased sex drive and headaches. Some couples even considered throwing in the towel and eloping or going to City Hall instead.

Of course, a limited budget can add an additional layer of difficulty — especially if that means using your home as a base camp instead of a luxury hotel. But with careful planning, it’s not an impossible feat. As proof positive, here are some ways to prepare your abode for your big day without breaking the bank. 

Create A Staging Area

While the groom typically doesn’t need much space or time to get ready, it’s a different story for the bride and her bridesmaids. You’re going to need to set up a staging area within your home that provides plenty of space and natural light — you may have to move some furniture around to make it work. Consider investing in a full-length mirror so you can fully check yourself out once your dress and veil are on. Have a table designated for all of your beauty items, or a place for a pro to lay everything out. Take your dress out first thing in the morning (or the night before) and hang it in an area that’s nowhere near the makeup or hair station. Set up a refreshment station with easy-to-eat light bites and beverages.

Taking Care Of Houseguests

If you plan to have guests stay at your house, you’ll want to find inexpensive ways to decorate, furnish and accommodate. Make sure the linens and towels are fresh, set out tasteful amenities, provide a cozy robe and slippers, place bottles of fresh water by the bedside, and add fresh florals. In terms of the rest of the house, stock the fridge with a variety of pre-made snacks and meals and provide a private area where guests can speak on the phone or check emails.

Don’t let these costs add up. Before you purchase anything, shop around for promo codes, coupons and cashback opportunities. At Bed, Bath & Beyond, for example, you can double up on savings by using coupons and cashback opportunities through Ebates. You can also opt to have items shipped directly to you to save you time.

Home Reception

If you plan on having your wedding reception at your home, there are several steps that have to take place. First, decide whether or not it will be indoors or outdoors based on the size of your abode, number of guests, the weather conditions and personal preference. Before getting in too deep, check whether or not you need any special permits or inspections by contacting your local fire and police departments. You’ll also want to inquire about noise restrictions and capacity limit. Other budget-friendly considerations include:

  • Opt for candles over florals and get a group together to make some DIY decor.
  • Make your own invitations or go the digital route.
  • Stock your own bar and/or create a couple of signature drinks to streamline the process.
  • Prepare your own food (with help) buffet-style or cater from a smaller family restaurant.
  • Tap a music school or university for budget-friendly entertainment.
  • Use your own sound system and playlist in lieu of a DJ.

One great way to add ambience to outdoor and indoor spaces for your reception is to use string lights. These lights create an atmosphere that expresses warmth and comfort. As an added bonus, string lights are relatively cheap.

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If you’re planning an indoor affair, make sure you budget for moving furniture into storage in order to create more space, and hiring a pro to conduct a thorough deep clean of your home before the big day. In order to save a bit of cash, be sure to shop deals on Groupon prior to hiring.

Preparing your home and tending to guests can take a toll on a couple, so make sure the both of you are implementing self-care into your daily routines. Eat properly, get enough rest and exercise  — but not obsessively. If you’re not taking care of your mental health, it will wind up taking a toll on your physical well-being and appearance, so take some time to smell the roses and enjoy the process, too.

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