Should The Groom Help Plan The Bachelor Party? And Other Questions

The bachelor party is the last chance the groom has to enjoy life as a single man. A few days or months later, he’ll be a married man vested with the responsibility of taking care of a family.

So, this night or group of nights count.

Bachelor parties can, however, be disaster ready to happen. Even before you think of having one, there are certain things that should be rid of the list if you want your man to still get married, once the party’s done.

Yes, those dirty stuff.

And once the list has been cleared of those, there are certain, key questions that you’ll need to be answered before any plans can get underway. And in here, we’ll be answering 6 pressing ones that every other best man or groom would be asking.

So read on.

Should the Groom Be Involved in Party Planning?

Bachelor Party
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Straight answer – yes. This probably kills the surprise mood everyone had for the lucky groom, but having him involved in the planning is a good step towards ensuring everyone has a responsible and all-inclusive party.

So, before you get started sending invites, booking locations, and wedding venue take some time to talk to the groom. Ask him the kind of party he wants – whether it’s booze laden or more laidback and outdoorsy. And finally, get the list of the people he wants to be invited.

Just in case you really want to surprise him, make sure you still have this meeting to get to know the kind of party he’d want, then from there go ahead to covertly select a location and time with his buddies and close confidants.

How Much Should the Budget Be?

The first rule of thumb here is that a bachelor’s party is not a necessity. If the budget just can’t allow it, let it slide.

But that’s boring, so we’ll still discuss the budget.

And as far as that goes, you need to have a sit-down with the rest of the guys to know how much all of you will be willing to spend. So, the size and lucrativeness of the party will depend on how much all of you can bulge.

Make sure you are sensitive here because all of you might probably not be in the same paygrade.

But at the end of the day, it will be fair if everyone contributes – though the groom shouldn’t pay a dime. Remember, he’s the party boy getting treated.

Should I Give the Groomsmen Gifts Now?

Groomsmen Gifts
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This is targeted more at the groom who at this time, should be aware his boys are up to something fishy. And given the excitement bachelor parties usually carry, sometimes it might not be a great idea to dish out the groomsmen gifts at this time.

However, this time might be perfect if most of you are usually busy, so the party is one of those rare occasions where all of you get together.

Just make sure you get the right gifts for them. For instance, if they are the sophisticated, Godfather type, a nice personalized cigar set for each might do the trick. Vendors such as offer online purchases for these gifts, ensuring you are ready by the time the party clock ticks.

When Should the Party Be Held?

Speaking of the party clock, when is the right time to hold the bachelor party?

One to three weeks before the wedding works fine.

But as far as the tentative date is concerned, you need to start having the discussions as early as four months before the due date. This is to give everyone the time to adjust their schedules and plan their travels.

Also, make sure the guest of honor (your esteemed bachelor), is also alright with the date. This, you can’t surprise him with.

Remember, this will be at a time when the groom is busy trying to get things sorted for the wedding, at the last stages. So, proper communication will help him adjust his timelines well for the party.

Who Should We Invite to the Party?

Bachelor parties’ guest list can greatly vary – and this depends on the groom. Sometimes, the extended family is welcome. Other times, the bachelor might want immediate family alone.

In other instances, the party may be exclusive to the groomsmen only.

The takeaway here is that you need to involve the groom in this decision since he’s the guest of honor. Surprises at this stage might be embarrassing since the groom might not be ready to show his elder brother-in-law his drunken ways.

Can We Use Social Media?

Phones off? Well, not really.

Using social media can be a great idea during the bachelor party. The reason behind this is that you might want to save the memories for some nostalgia later on.

And to do this, you can create a unique hashtag that you can use to upload the images on social media. And once the dust settles, you guys can revisit the night or camping experience online.

Just make sure this is done very few times through the party as you don’t want to get distracted.

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