How To Plan a Wedding on Shoestring Budget? Money Saving Tips & Ideas

Tips for Cost Effective Wedding Planning

Planning a big scale wedding on a low budget can be quite a challenge for even the most experienced planner. The key to make most of a wedding on a low cost can be boiled down on the following key pieces of advice:

  • Keep it small

There are some people who decide to have a big wedding and cut costs in other ways, but by keeping your wedding at small scale will help you to stay in a small budget in a number of ways. Inviting close family and friends means that you will pay less for food and you can also conceivably save money by renting a smaller venue, paying for fewer decorations. As alluring as it is to invite a huge amount of people to your wedding, instead of spending the money, take some time to really calculate your list.

You might feel enslaved to invite some people, but try to determine who you really think you will still be close to in few years. Also, consider cutting out colleagues completely; that way you will have a smaller guest list and won’t hurt anyone’s sentiments. Budgeting is a concern to keep your guest list to immediate family and the closest of friends. Not only will this save you lump sum of cash, but you will guarantee enjoy spending this meaningful day with the people you value the most.

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  • Be Creative

It’s easy to keep your budget when you’re willing to go “off the map” to find eccentric options for a wedding.

Here are other creative ways to think outside the box when it comes to save money at your wedding day:

  • Interrogate about rental costs at unexpected venues, for example local universities and private schools many have large banquet rooms or even dining halls which can be converted into a perfect place for the celebration. Consider choosing a nontraditional venue such as house estate, one of the best places to get married in houston. Where you have the wedding often drives away the cost says Fields. Rather than a devoted wedding reception hall or country club, check less expensive facilities
  • When it comes to catering, you will almost always save money for yourselves. A brunch or light lunch is also going to cost less than a full-scaled dinner will, while another good choice is a late evening, dessert-only reception.  If you do go the whole nine yards, you’ll have to think budget.  That means chicken or pasta instead of steak or fish, and skipping the dessert in substitute of wedding cake alone.
  • For photography, definitely don’t scant on a quality photographer.  A wedding is supposed to be once-in-a-lifetime event, and provides an exclusive opportunity to capture beautiful images of the happy couple, their families and friends. But money can be saved by skipping the expensive albums and hiring a wedding photographer who will provide a DVD of the full-resolution images after the event.
  • Remember that your wedding belongs to you…

While it is your wedding day therefore it should really be about you and your better half, many couples get into the competitive facet of having a wedding. Some people have high available funds, and there is nothing wrong with keeping your wedding budget small. You can certainly cut costs on any wedding, no matter what your budget is, and still, you could hire the Virginia Beach Wedding Photography. However, if you have a prepared and a set budget, and it happens to be small, your best bet is to try to do as much as you can yourself or with the help of others, and to think small, instead of trying to cut costs as you think big.

  • Things You Can Skip

Favors: Most of your guests will toss wedding favors. If you really want to leave something, bake yummy treats for yourself, or make a small donation to any of the charity in memory of a cherished relative.

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Save-the-dates: these cards are an unnecessary expense, unless you are going for a destination wedding, requiring people to make travel arrangements well in advance.

Video: Chances are you will only watch a wedding video once or twice, so why to spend more than that so why to Add this money into your still photography budget instead.

  • Cut the Flowers Completely.

  Bride and bridesmaid can carry a single stem flowers, elegant stem or a tiny “kissing ball” instead of an intricate bouquet.  Groomsmen can wear boutonnieres of greenery rather than costly blooms.  Tables can be made look just as festive with centerpieces or with potted flowers or plants made of wrought iron-style candelabras as.  Less conventional decorative touches, such as branches or berries, can be just as elegant and striking as the traditional wedding flowers would be, at a fraction of the cost. If the simplified décor is part of an overall event theme, no one will know the couple had a tight budget.

Weddings don’t have to be costlier for a fortune to be beautiful if you plan it wisely, think creatively, and stretch your budget as far as it will go.


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