Inspiring eco-friendly wedding ideas for your big day

Flowers and weddings are almost inseparable and we are so much accustomed to seeing them top all sorts of décor details right from greeting audience and showing them the way around as escort card holders to lining up the aisles and arches for exchanging vows to even drawing eyeballs as bouquets and making guests comfortable as centerpieces for the big day. But we could not deny the obvious fact that most of these glamorous and eye-catching wholesale wedding flowers are grown in foreign conditions and that too using a lot of harmful fertilizers and other chemicals. And imagining what they could do the environment is not that difficult at all. Although, a little late than expected, people are also realizing the same thing and opting for more eco-friendly flowers and wedding décor arrangements in the contemporary scenario.

Inspiring Eco Friendly weddings House Estate

When it comes to eco-friendly weddings, using locally grown and seasonal flowers are always a good idea than using the imported and non-seasonal varieties. The local wholesale flowers are more often than not chemical free and look fresh in wedding décor and flower arrangements and that too without that expensive tag that comes with shipping in terms of foreign blossoms. Wedding flowers are getting more and more expensive these days and this way you could easily save big in terms of the big day décor details. This is also a good way to support your local florists and flower companies and if you want you could buy flowers from the farms or a friend’s local garden.

There are a lot of good options right from using more greenery and flowers such as Esperance roses to using plants for the décor. The sky is the limit when it comes to the exploring possibilities for an environmentally friendly wedding but if you’re still confused about how to go about a complete eco-friendly wedding and need some more ideas for the big day décor and even various other arrangements; we have the perfect pointers to help you out.

Here are a few eco-friendly wedding flower ideas that you could use for inspiration:

1. Wedding invites:

Eco-friendly wedding ideas do not have to mean just flowers, right? You could count also count the wedding invites. Using recycled papers for designing your wedding invites could easily be the perfect way to set the tone for an eco-friendly wedding. With the connectivity and the internet getting better and better, you could even consider sending the wedding invites over e-mails or better by creating a Facebook event. This way one could easily save a lot of money and take care of the environment as well.

2. The dress:

Instead of spending lavishly on a new and glamorous wedding dress, you could easily use the option of recycled wedding dresses. You could even rent a dress and save a whole lot of money for the other expenses. There are a lot of wedding services that offer recycled wedding dress and renting options for brides and if you want, you could even consider restyling a dress to create a new wearable gown out of it. Check out Distinctive Styles and Alternative Wedding Dresses

3. Using alternative bouquets:

If looking up for organic roses near me is not giving you many results, why not consider using alternative bouquets arrangements for the big day ceremony. We understand that flowers are the traditional flower bouquet entities for almost an eternity now but you could easily use other alternatives or even paper, silk, fabric or even cotton flowers to create the same effect easily. For the more creative brides looking for something novel and eccentric, you could use brooches, origami or even various other elements for the wedding bouquet options. It’s your wedding after all and if you’re willing to accept the challenge, you could even go for arm garlands, clutch bags, or even a vintage fan for a wedding bouquet.   

eco friendly wedding ideas house estate 

4. The wedding venue:

Choosing an eco-friendly venue option could easily be your calling when it comes to environment-friendly weddings. You could choose anything from a local park or garden to an organic farm or forest. Look up venues that have more energy star ratings and certifications from reputed organizations. There are a lot of venues that have very much green in them and you could easily consider them if you do not want to get married in a total outdoor wedding ceremony.

5. The tossing tradition:

The exit toss is a pretty well-known wedding ceremony tradition. Littering the church lawn or even other wedding venues with papers, rice, confetti, and even flowers is not the perfect way to celebrate a wedding reunion and that too especially when you’re considering doing it the more environmentally friendly way. Instead, you could easily use leaves, rose petals, fresh herbs and other mixes of micro flowers that are totally biodegradable and make a stunning display for the tradition without harming the environment easily.

6. Do not waste but recycle:

If you’re catering the food for the wedding, speak in advance with the service providers to save the leftovers for donating them later. There are foods and shelter homes that could easily use this food to feed people. You could even donate your flowers to shelter homes, hospitals or even other venues that accept this kind of donations. And if you’re using potted plants or even other green flower arrangements, you could even think about doubling them up as wedding favors to give your guests the perfect environment-friendly gift.

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You could also use other ideas such as; using more of Hermosa roses and rose petals for wedding décor details or even go for handcrafted centerpieces made up of driftwood, seashells or even beach stones. There are innumerable options that you could use to make a statement for the wedding décor without actually putting much pressure on the wedding venue and the environment around to serve as an inspiration for other people.

Have any better eco-friendly wedding ideas or suggestions for the big day décor? Please share with us at The House Estate

Until then, best of luck and have fun while getting hitched the eco-friendly and green way, folks.

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