Top Tropical Flower Styling Tips

Once the warmer months roll around, it’s inevitable that the beach will be on everybody’s mind. If you are planning an event for the spring or summer, it’s the perfect time to capture that vacation feeling by going bold and bright with color. One way to incorporate summer-y pops of color into your event decor is with tropical flowers. Their vibrant rainbow of colors will serve as the perfect compliment to the sunny weather.

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tropical flower styling inspiration

For the sake of clarification, tropical flowers are any species of flower that grows in tropical regions. Typically, these fall close to the equator. Tropical areas are typically warm, moist, and full of lush vegetation. Some popular flowers from tropical regions include Birds of Paradise, African Violets, hibiscus, and orchids.

There are plenty of ways to use tropical flowers at any type of event. They come in so many shapes, sizes, colors, and styles that you are bound to find the perfect combination. This tropical flowers guide by ProFlowers is a good place to start to learn about the types of tropical flowers and ways to use them in decor.

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Here are some Flower Styling ideas:

  • Pair large flowers like pin cushion proteas (very trendy right now) with smaller, delicate orchids.
  • Instead of usual filler flowers like Baby’s Breath, look into other options such as Stephanotis, a species native to Madagascar’s tropical rainforests.
  • Large palm leaves such as monstera or bismarkia make for great accents and pops of lush green.
  • Contrast the bright tropical colors with white, simple tablecloths.
  • Go beyond flowers! Offer your guest some tropical treats like pineapple and mango, or get funky with dragonfruit and starfruit options.
  • Better yet, keep the tropical theme going throughout all your food! Use light, fruity flavors like passionfruit-orange-guava (POG) or mango in your drinks and desserts.

There is such a wide variety of tropical flowers matching it with 2018 Wedding Color Trend by House Estate that it’s easy to add a few to your bouquets or make them the focal point of your event. With a subtropical climate such as Houston’s, it makes perfect sense to bring the tropics to you. Whether you are throwing a wedding, birthday party, Quinceanera, or anything else, consider popping a couple tropical flowers into your decorations, and have fun with it!

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