2018 Top Social Media Wedding Trends

Over the past decade, we have seen social media become an increasingly significant part of wedding planning and celebrations. From the initial “Will you marry me?” to the final “I do!” more and more couples are choosing to snap, share and tweet their wedding journeys. You can also check out How the Use of Social Media has Incredibly Changed Weddings Altogether

Social media plays a key part right from the start with many brides-to-be meticulously planning every aspect of their perfect wedding on Pinterest before even getting engaged! What’s more, due to its collaborative nature social media offers a very useful way for brides and grooms to communicate their ideas with their wedding vendors, their wedding party and of course, each other.

During the big day itself, many couples are now choosing to use social media as a way to instantly share their celebrations with friends and family across the world in real time. Today’s social media couples have a great range of tools at their disposal for this including live streaming, personalized hashtags, and custom Snapchat filters.

To learn more about how the brides and grooms of 2018 are using social media in their weddings, take a look at this informative infographic guide from Loyes Diamonds. It lists out a number of ways you can get the most out of social media on your wedding day and breaks down the top social trends that are currently taking the wedding world by storm.

Discover more in the infographic below.

Wedding ideas social media savvy couple

An infographic by the team at Loyes Diamonds

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