How to Plan a Safe, Budget-Friendly Bachelorette Party

While brides and bridesmaids want to have a blast at the bachelorette party, they don’t want to spend an arm and a leg to do so. The good news is, you can have fun without spending a fortune. There are a few ways to plan a safe, budget-friendly bachelorette party that everyone will enjoy, and we share a few tips for doing so to give you some inspiration.

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Image via Pixabay by thetruthpreneur
  1. Communicate Often and Keep Everyone Up to Date

Communicating with the bridal party throughout the party-planning stage is a must. From asking tough questions upfront about everyone’s budgets, to making it clear that you aim to make the party easy on everyone’s bank accounts, you need to communicate early and often with everyone.

Texts and emails may work for some bridal parties, but if the bridesmaids and bride are spread out across the country, it can be hard for everyone to stay on top of scattered updates. Joint communication tools like online document sharing tools or project planning tools like Asana and Trello make it easy for everyone to stay in the loop and be aware of changes to the party plans. Online tools such as these update in real-time and make keeping everyone up to date a breeze.

  1. Take Advantage of Travel Deals

If the bride has her heart set on a destination bachelorette party, don’t fret about it breaking the budget. You can cut costs by traveling during the week: according to Airfarewatchdog, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the two cheapest days to fly. Many hotels also charge lower rates for weeknight stays than weekend visits. If you do book a hotel, ask about cost-saving specials such as group discounts, open-bar options, or packages for bachelorette parties.

Another tip is to maximize amenities that are included in your hotel rate. It is more cost-effective to lounge by the pool and enjoy time in the hotel lobby than to venture to another location. When you do visit a bar or restaurant, enjoy snacks and cocktails contributed by the bridal party at the hotel first so you order less when you go out together later.

Of course, if you are planning a quick getaway for a bachelorette party, be sure to protect your home while you are gone. It is far too easy to get so caught up in the party planning and preparations that you can forget to take the necessary steps to keep your home and belongings safe. Make sure your outside lights are in working order. Ask a neighbor to collect your mail and keep an eye on your home. Leave a few lights on inside your house or set timers to turn lights on and off throughout the day and night while you’re away. Finally, lock all your doors and windows immediately before leaving for the party.

  1. DIY Decorations

It’s amazing how quickly a few decorations and accessories can add up for a bachelorette party. That’s incentive enough to start searching for DIY accessories that will look cute, make your group stand out, and make the bride feel special. Accessories that are relatively simple to make include matching flower crowns, sashes, bracelets, or necklaces. The goal is to choose a project that you can create alone or with the help of a few bridal party members that are fun and will commemorate your night out as a group.

Typically, the bride’s decorations are white and the bridesmaids’ decorations are pink or a wedding hue. Consider using the bride’s favorite colors or her wedding colors when you make your accessories. If you aren’t creative, you also can save some money by purchasing used bachelorette party decorations and accessories.

You can make a budget-friendly bachelorette party fun and safe if you communicate often and keep everyone up to date, take advantage of travel deals, and try your hand at DIY decorations and accessories.

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