2018 Wedding Color Trend: Slate & Moss

round slate and mossWith spring right around the corner, wedding planning season is in full swing! With so many decisions to be made, we want to take some of the stress out of planning by showcasing one of the top color scheme trends of the season: slate and moss. Muted colors are perfect for spring weddings as flowers start to bloom, and this combination of green and grey is stunning. Try weaving this color scheme into the entire affair, from invitations to bridesmaid dresses to flowers. Don’t be afraid to get creative and include untraditional details that represent your unique personality as well! From details as small as including your favorite flowers to details as prominent as displaying family photos from your pasts, personalization will make your day that much more memorable. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to start the incorporation process for you:

slate and moss graphic

Invitations: Before the big day even arrives, your guests will be receiving save the date cards and invitations. Incorporate your colors into these with moss green envelopes, white base cards with slate calligraphy. If your theme is more extensive than just a color scheme, include photos, fonts or verbage that fit the theme well. For a rustic chic themed wedding, opt for a save the dates showcasing string light and mason jar details, or include engagement photos outside, on theme. If your theme is elegant, incorporate these colors through a moss patterned background and slate calligraphy overlay. No matter your personal preference, these colors are sure to make any invitation stand out. Check our previous blog post Wedding Day Invitation Styles and Designs – A Vintage Approach

attire collage

Attire: One of the biggest ways to integrate your color scheme into your big day is through the attire of your bridal party. Ask bridesmaids to dress in moss-colored gowns, while the men dress in slate suits. To make everyone happy and add some variety, have bridesmaids choose different styles of the same color wedding dress. Not only will it allow them to dress to their own body type, it adds flair and personality to your photos. For groomsmen, ask them to wear moss colored ties to complement the bridesmaids’ dresses, and choose a suit or tuxedo rental option to help save money. For fun accents of color, consider moss colored socks for groomsmen, green and white bouquets and boutineers, and gold jewelry on the bride for some extra sparkle.

decor slate and moss

Decor: To really tie together everything your guests have seen up to this point, decor is huge. From tablescapes to bouquets, details in the decor can make or break the theme. To incorporate slate and moss into your tablescape, consider pairing slate napkins with lots of greenery, including succulents and eucalyptus leaves. Don’t be afraid to use a lot of greenery – the bigger the better when using classic, muted colors such as slate and moss. Small purple flowers add dimension to the color scheme and bigger white flowers fills everything out, really allowing the colors to pop against one another. Alongside the flowers, try finding gold or rose gold silverware with classic white plating donning a simple pattern.

wedding graphic

The beauty of this moss and slate combination is the versatility to incorporate other colors, while also being bold enough to stand alone. If you want more color, you can easily add in pink or purple flowers, with accents of white to make it all pop. No matter your choice, this scheme is sure to wow this spring wedding season, leaving your guests awed for months to come!

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