Bridal beauty checklist: Tick off all of these before the Wedding Day

wedding hair for brideAll brides want to feel absolute best when getting married – whether that’s having gorgeous hair, perfect nails or sparkling bright teeth. To do so it’s important to have a thorough plan in advance encompassing everything you need to do with a clear timeline in place. To help you do just that we’ve put together a bridal beauty checklist with all the key points from how to get shiny hair step by step to what to leave until the last few days beforehand. Here’s our go-to-guide for the bride-to-be.

Six months before

wedding hair and makeup trialNow is the time to get a professional stylist in place and book your wedding hair and make-up trial. These appointments are difficult to get with the best stylists so make sure to get a date in the diary early. If you’re one of the many brides who wants to shape and tone their body ahead of the big day, six months ahead of time is when you need to start thinking about it. Opt for a personal trainer or head down to the gym.

Six weeks before

woman girl beauty mask treatmentWith six weeks to go you can start investing in some important beauty treatments. If you want to know how to get shiny hair for your wedding now is the time to head down to the local salon for some deep conditioning treatments. Alternatively pick up a shop version and treat yourself at home. You could also try facial treatments at this point to see which get the best result. Book a few different options and then chose the best one to repeat ahead of the big day.

Three weeks before

Lots of brides opt for teeth whitening ahead of their wedding and if that’s your plan try to book an appointment at least three weeks in advance. This is also the time to consider your lips – if they are dry or chapped you’ll need at least three weeks of applying some good quality lip salve to sort them out. Read more on How to get that Perfect Smile on your Huge Wedding Day

woman legs relaxation beauty wedding


One week before

In the immediate run up to the big day it’s time to start doing things like building up a gradual tan with tinted lotion and getting your hair colored. Doing so just a week before the wedding will mean it will still look fresh on the day and Achieve the Perfect Glow on Your Wedding Day. You could also indulge in a few nice relaxation treatments at this point considering all your hard work so far.


Immediately before the big day

bridal beauty tips manicureIn the last few days focus your beauty regime on the last minute details like a good quality manicure and some effective hair removal. You’ll want to be feeling your absolute best at this point so don’t hesitate to do whatever it takes.

Those are our top tips for sorting your bridal beauty. Planning your wedding meticulously in advance and getting appointments booked early are the key to making everything run smoothly. When you walk down the aisle looking glowing all that work will be more than worth it.

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