Get a Flawless Look on Your Wedding Day

Have you heard of Airbrush make up? It’s the perfect make up for weddings and special occasions! Airbrush make up is infused natural extracts, water-based, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic perfect color match, super lightweight, and has flaw…less results.

airbrush makeup pics

Unlike traditional powder and liquid foundations which emphasizes pores and wrinkles, airbrush makeup creates even and natural skin tones and appearances. This technique lasts longer than regular foundation methods, up to 12-24 hours so there would be no need to reapply on your special day. Every feature of your face can be highlighted or contoured including intricate areas such as eyes and lips.

airbrush makeup

Airbrushing is more sanitary than conventional approaches and can be completed more quickly with skilled professionals. Visit for more information. De Grance Salon in the Woodlands has several experienced Marc Harvey Beauty airbrush make up artists if you are looking for one. Contact De Grance Salon at 281-419-9300

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