Wedding Expenses You Might Have Forgotten About

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With so many things to organize for your wedding, it’s easy to forget little details that can add up fast. When determining your budget, make sure to have leeway for these expenses you might not be expecting. If you need expert ideas on how to plan these wedding expenses, check out our money-saving wedding tips and ideas.

Extra meals

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When you’re planning out the seating chart and number of meals, don’t forget to include you and your fiancé in the head count! You’ll want to figure out if yours and your spouse’s meals are free, or if you need to pay for them on top of your guests. Regardless, it’s a good idea to add extra just in case people who didn’t RSVP show up. Most caterers will probably have a couple extra portions prepared. Speaking of extra meals, don’t forget to feed your Houston, Texas wedding vendors, planner, your officiant, photographer, and DJ/band who work nonstop on your wedding day!

Marriage license

tables and chairs wedding in houston texasDon’t forget your license to love! Your officiant does not do this for you. Make an appointment at the county clerk’s office. Each state has different requirements so check your state’s website prior so you know what documents to bring with you. If you’re under 18, you’ll need a parent to come along for consent. Some states require a witness. This can be a friend you’ve known for at least 6 months. In Houston, the cost of a marriage license is $72 with a 72 hour waiting period. So don’t wait until the last minute to do this, but also don’t do it too far in advance. Texas marriage licenses expire in 90 days after issuance, so getting your marriage license more than a three before your wedding date will not be usable. Find out more about marriage licenses in the state of Texas Marriage Laws.

Transportation for guests

At some point during your wedding, your guests will have to travel. Unless they can easily walk, they’ll need other modes of transportation such as taxis, buses, or by car. Although it’s not necessary for you to provide transportation, it’s a thoughtful addition your guests will appreciate making their evening easier. For older guests or those with children that would like to go to bed earlier, include a list of transportation vendor numbers for their convenience. Most cities have ride sharing options like Uber or Lyft.

Day-of food for the wedding party

Getting ready for dinner at a Houston wedding at House EstateYou and your wedding party will be spending the day getting ready. Most brides will spend the entire morning with hair stylists, makeup artists, and countless last minute details. It’s important to eat and conserve energy before your big day. So be sure to have something planned for yourself and the bridal party. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Ordering delivery works, just as long as it’s sustainable. You’ll thank yourself in the long run for this one!

Liability insurance

You might not think you need liability insurance for your wedding but it’s best not to chance it. If you’re planning an extravagant wedding, it’s a good idea to have one to protect you from the unforeseen, especially when weddings cost so much. Depending on the coverage you need, wedding insurance runs from $125 to $400 which is a small amount of what it can save you. General liability insurance will cover up to $1,000,000 for accidents which can cover the price of your veil and gown, natural disasters (ice storm, hurricane, flood), or if you need to postpone your wedding. In this instance, insurance will pick up the tab for everything like invites, cake, catering, and any non-refundable expenses. Some venues require couples to take out a wedding insurance on the wedding because it’s so important!


flower accessories at House EstateIt might be confusing which vendors you should tip for your wedding. Make sure to read the contracts and see which have gratuity already included. A good tip is that if gratuity isn’t already included in the contract, ask to include it so you won’t have to worry about it on the day. Be sure to tip your hairstylist, catering manager, limo drivers, servers, bartenders, and many more. Here’s a helpful guide to wedding tipping. Of course, you can always tip someone who goes above and beyond. A tip shows your appreciation.



Don’t forget about postage fees for save-the-date cards, invitations, and thank you notes. When you’re sending out a hundred invites, it can start to be pricey. Depending on the weight and size of your invite, you can expect postage to cost $100+ when budgeting for your wedding. Some couples like to use wedding stamps as well to match the theme of their weddings, but using standard stamps will save you money. No one really pays attention to stamps anyways!


house estate wedding venue white wedding dressBridal undergarments and accessories help enhance your wedding dress and body shape. From bras, underwear, corsets, jewelry and bridal accessories – there’s a lot to consider. Wedding corsets will help cinch your waist and can reduce your waistline by 2 to 4 inches. Bridal bustiers will help lift your bust to give you that extra boost if you’re wearing a sweetheart neckline or strapless dress. Every bride wants to look perfect on their wedding day so remember to leave room for any fashion expenses.

Being prepared for wedding expenses you might not have thought of will reduce stress levels when planning and having a smooth wedding. If you need help covering these costs, consider a personal loan for all your wedding expenses. This way you can tip accordingly and cover needed costs. At the end of the day, you shouldn’t have to worry about anything when you walk down the aisle.

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