Simple Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Knowing how dry shampoo works is all well and good for your day to day hairstyling; but what about the biggest day of your life? For your wedding day it’s nice to have something a little more special than lathering up with dry shampoo. Here’s our super easy guide to simple wedding hairstyle for long hair.

simple wedding hair styles

Our top 3 simple wedding hairstyle for long hair

Whether you want a simple updo or something which is both simple and elegant, or a fancier updo we’ve got you covered with our top three simple wedding hairstyles:

  1. Twist it up! Want to save time on not having to wash your hair on the day of the wedding? Wash your hair the day before to hold this style in place.
    • Gather small sections of hair.
    • Twist these sections together.
    • Once the whole of your hair is twisted, gather the twist and wind them together into a bun.
    • This will create a beautiful, chic, elegant hairstyle perfect for the big day.

    simple bridal weddings hair braids and buns

  2. Braids and buns. For a more classic, yet still simple and beautiful, hairstyle this will do the trick!
    • Part your hair on the right.
    • Section off the left diagonally from the top of your head to the base of your neck.
    • With the left section, create a French braid.
    • Pull gently on the edges of the braid to create a wider look.
    • Gathering the rest of your hair in together with the base of the braid create a bun. To keep this as neat and tidy as possible, use a bun donut.
    • To add a finishing flourish, why not pop a flower or small pin just above the right-hand side of the bun?
  3. Sea waves and beach vibes. Hoping for a more basic, natural approach to your hairstyle for your wedding day? This is the look for you.
    • Start by parting your hair as usual.
    • Curl your hair into natural, light waves. This will add texture and movement to the style.
    • Add a French braid crown to the front of your hair, pulling the edges gently to widen the brain and give it a looser feel.
    • Pin the base of the braid under the curls to hide any messy ends and hair ties.
    • Top off this style with a real, natural flower; the ideal style for a beach or outdoor wedding to fit in with nature.

wedding hair theme simple


Here’s our additional wedding guide on How to prep your hair for your wedding

So, whilst you may wish to know how dry shampoo works for a quick fix for work, knowing how to put together these simple hairstyles is a much better use of your time for your wedding day.


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