How to Make Your Winter Wedding a Colorful Event

While we are still soaking up all the gorgeousness of fall, before we know it, winter will be around the corner. Not only is winter the time for skiing and cold getaways but it’s also a sign of yet another wedding season. While we all know winter as being the time of everything white, weddings are the perfect moment to include those bright colors we’re all longing to see again. If you’re planning your own winter wedding or are just planning on attending quite a few, here are some ways to make winter weddings the most colorful event of the season! 

Fall view of House Estate winter wedding

Have a Colorful Christmas Tree

Is there anything more colorful and jollier than a Christmas tree? If you’re planning on having your winter wedding around Christmas/New Year’s, consider having a large Christmas tree at your wedding. Not only will this get people in the festive mood, but it will also be a great way to include colorful string lights along with colorful and sparkly ornaments. A large Christmas tree will also serve as the perfect backdrop for both you and your wedding guests, leaving everyone at your wedding in the Christmas spirit.

Give Your Hair a New ‘Do

Entry way of House Estate winter wedding

While every bride has to do some serious hair prep for the wedding day, you can also use your wedding as the perfect opportunity to have a colorful hairstyle. Whether you want to sport an alternative look or just want to add a little bit of color to your hairstyle, adding hues within your hair is the perfect way to add a bit more color into your wedding. While the possibilities for hair styles and colors are endless, finding your perfect wedding hairstyle doesn’t have to be stressful. Look towards social media for inspiration to see which colors and styles you’re drawn to the most. You can even check out oVertone’s Pinterest page for more hair inspiration. From classic hairstyles to colorful hues, you’re bound to find the style or color perfect for your special day.

Have a Colorful Wedding Palette

Color palettes are always partly determined based on the season that you have your wedding in. While winter weddings most commonly have wedding palettes such as blue, white, and silver, you can still have a colorful wedding palette that incorporates those main colors along with other bright ones as well. If you have no idea where to start, you can look up 2019’s wedding color trends for ideas and possible inspiration. If you opt for a colorful wedding palette, it’ll only be easier to incorporate colors into your overall wedding such as the kind of flowers, bridesmaids dresses, colored linens you want, etc. If you’re in need of how you want to pair certain colors together, look towards Style Me Pretty’s Pinterest boards for inspiration as they can offer countless ideas for the big day. 

Have a Colorful Fur Shawl

Since brides have to stay warm in the winter somehow, going with a shawl is normally the best solution! Not only is this a fun accessory to add to your overall bridal look but it will keep you looking both stunning and warm the entire time you’re outside! If you really want to add more color to your look, opt for a colorful shawl instead. While shawls are typically offered in normal fur colors such as black, white and brown, they do also come in fun colors like pink, red and silver. Adding a colorful shawl to your overall look will give your bridal look a fun edge and will surely make your wedding photography all the better.

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