Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas For The Holiday Season

As the winter holidays draw near, if you’re a party person, you’re probably starting to at least think about planning some crazy exciting events to celebrate with your closest ones this season. However, if the man of your best girl pops the question this summer and you’re about to be the maid of honor once the holiday season arrives, that changes everything. Now, you’re going to have to plan and execute the best and craziest bachelorette party ever in a relatively short amount of time, and there’s no way around it. 

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Luckily, we’ve been collecting wonderful ideas for bachelorettes during the holiday season over the years, and in this article, we will share them with you now. In fact, even though it’s winter, there are an infinite number of choices. You may spice up the typical bridal shower and party by including various games and activities for guests to participate in. You might host an evening for adults exclusively in the form of a slumber party, complete with a selection of warming beverages, comfy attire, and adult-oriented activities. No matter what you have planned, we have some suggestions for you!

Some of these suggestions might entice you because they are so simple and low-cost, but don’t let that mislead you—these are still wonderful ways to make the bachelorette party one to remember!

Include a Game for More Fun

If you and your girls are into playing games, including a game of solitaire in between cocktails at the bachelorette party is a safe bet that won’t disappoint anyone. Even if you’ve never played before, you’ll have no trouble picking up the rules of this time-honored card game.

Because there is very little preparation needed and the game can be played almost anywhere, both in-person and online, it is also an excellent choice for the game to have at your bachelorette party. The most enjoyable aspect of playing solitaire is the fact that it can be just as much fun when played with a group of people as it can when played by one person alone.

If you are someone who enjoys playing cards and enjoys playing games in general, then hopping on a solitaire cocktail deck is most certainly something that you ought to think about adding to the plans for your bachelorette party.

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Host Your Bachelorette Party at a Local Brewery or Winery

Since it’s getting colder outside and you can’t really organize the bachelorette in a yard or a garden, you can consider inviting your girlfriends to one of their favorite local breweries or wineries if you are searching for an exciting way to celebrate with them. You don’t have to spend the entire bachelorette in there; you can simply kickstart the party by having the first drink in a brewery or winery and see how things go from there. 

In addition, there is no better spot to start your bachelorette party than at one of these venues because the environment is always celebratory and entertaining. You may even make it a yearly occurrence by continuing to go back year after year to mark the anniversary of having the best bachelorette party ever!

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Turn Your Bachelorette Party into a Nail-Art Workshop

Having a nail artist come in and show you how to paint your nails is one of the most unique and memorable aspects of being in charge of creating the perfect bachelorette party. So why not participate in an activity that will allow you to make new memories with your loved ones while also expanding your horizons and knowledge about nail art?

In addition, while the attendees are waiting their turn to have their nails done, you may book a professional cocktail mixologist to mix some holidayish cocktails that everyone will enjoy!

Final Thoughts

Putting together a memorable bachelorette party doesn’t have to be stressful if you know where to look for inspiration. The aforementioned list provides you with a selection of innovative and easy-to-execute ideas that are sure to have even the most traditional bridal parties covered. You can count on having just as much fun arranging your bachelorette party with these creative ideas as you will have during the party itself.


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