Whimsical Wedding Send-Off Ideas

Wedding send-offs are a great way to end the night of your life. You’ll get to start your new life together being cheered on by family and friends as you make your grand exit from the venue.

wedding send off ideas

Your send-off may also be the last time you ever have all of your wedding guests in one place, so it’s definitely a moment worth cherishing.

Before you plan your wedding send-off, you’ll want to check in with your wedding venue to make sure your plan is feasible and allowed. Some send-offs cause bigger cleanups and pose greater risks than others, so communicating with your venue is the best way to ensure that your exit will go off without a hitch.

Here are some of our favorite dreamy send-off ideas to end the night:

Light sparklers: Let the sparks fly with this classic wedding send-off idea. Create the picture-perfect moment by having your guests wave beautiful sparkling wands as you pass by.

Sprinkle confetti: Mix up a traditional confetti toss by getting creative with fun colors. You can also mix in different confetti sizes and textures.

Fling feathers: Inspired by the Gatsby era, this art-deco-themed exit is equal parts delicate and glamorous. 

Release sky lanterns: Wow your guests with a dreamy aerial display of floating lanterns. You’ll release the floating candle display into the night sky.

Ribbon wands: This wedding send-off idea doubles as a simple DIY! Ribbon wands are a great alternative to streamers because cleanup is much more minimal.

Bubbles: End the night on an ethereal note with a bubble send-off. These floating bulbs are full of love and well wishes from your guests as you embark on your next journey with your partner.

Check out this visual from Zola for some more send-off inspiration!

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Whimsical Send-Off Ideas

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