Running Out of Ideas? Try these Unique Personalized Wedding Favors!

Carol and Jeremy are getting married this summer. They are exalted to take their 11 years long relationship to the next level. From wedding theme, wedding trousseau, menu to videography, decorations, etc. – everything has been taken care of. However, even after brainstorming for five straight days, these childhood sweethearts have not been able to come up with ideas for the best wedding favor. They are absolutely clueless about which type of wedding favor to choose.

Choosing the right party favor for your wedding guests can indeed be a tricky issue. There are so many options available, and this leads to sheer confusion. If your story also sounds similar to that of Carol and Jeremy, then you are at the right place. We will help you with some great personalized wedding favors ideas. Why personalized, you ask? Well, when you add a personal touch to the wedding favors, your guests appreciate your genuine effort. Handing out a memorable keepsake with thoughtful, personalized messages can really go a long way in impressing your guests. Customized party favors are a great way to incorporate a sense of personal touch to the wedding party favors. To make it less stressful and perplexing for you, we have curated a list of customized wedding favors. Have a look!

Top-notch customized wedding party favors:

  • Personalized tea bags:

Teabags have been one of the most popular personalized gift items in any wedding celebration. Get these cute tea bags and invest in pretty packaging. Make sure the packaging color scheme matches the décor of your wedding venue. Get your initials on the tea bags. You can write a cute message or add your wedding date and other details. Long after the wedding festivities subside, while sipping a cup of simmering hot tea, your guests will remember you two with genuine warmth.

  • Rustic personalized candles:

Thank all your guests, friends, and relatives for these appealing scented candles. Level up your favor game by adding a personal touch to the cute-looking candle sets. No one can deny the high aesthetic appeal of candles. They serve as a lucrative home décor item. Lighting up the candles has always been an enticing idea. Also, the fragrant ones instantly lift up moods and smell heavenly. So your guests are definitely going to love them.

  • Customized mason jar

Your guests will jump in joy on receiving these enormously popular personalized gifts. People can go crazy with creative ideas and put their mason jars to apt use. If your guests are creative enough, they can easily use these cute jars as home décor items. Smoothies look oh-so-good in these transparent mason jars. Or one can use the jars for canning their favorite pickles. Add your details like name, initials, date, or a cute message on the lid. You can even add a heartfelt, hand-written note and roll it inside the jar, and you are ready with an amazing wedding favor idea.

  • Customized wine glasses

You can never go wrong with personalized wine glasses for your party favors. Your guests will relive your wedding festivities each time they gulp down some assorted wine in these glasses. Just do not forget to engrave your wedding date or a cute romantic logo, or maybe a thank you message on them. Wine glasses with personalized messages look quite sleek and voguish.

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