Top 16 Beautiful Decor Ideas for Wedding Car

You may have hired a fancy ride for your getaway at the end of the night, but did you consider how the look of your wedding car might fit in with the rest of your wedding?

The Zebra has come up with several ways to upgrade from soaping back windows with a “Just Married” sign and some tin cans. You can check out their wedding car decor ideas below.

Strategically placed bows and ribbons add a festive atmosphere to any car, and by keeping them in tune with the colors of the wedding you create a lovely consistency. A playful bow on the hood adds some fun to the whole thing.

Wedding Flowers can also be part of the experience, in addition to well placed wreaths that offer playful adornments.  You can instruct a florist to help adorn the car properly and the juxtaposition of the natural and the industrial (when seeing a car covered in flowers) is very striking.

They also recommend getting someone professional to put together your “Just Married” sign (if you’d like one), so that the fonts and attitude is connected to all of the other printed pieces at your wedding. Don’t leave this duty to your cousins or your bridesmaids, unless you want to be disappointed with the result. And you can even get a wooden sign to use as a keepsake later (won’t that look nice on your bedroom wall).

Take a glance at the infographic below for more ideas on how to make sure that your getaway car makes the right final picture and plays the perfect part in your wedding ever-after story.

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Wedding Car Decorations


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