Summer Wedding Cake Ideas

If you’re planning a wedding during summertime, you can expect long days and very warm nights – especially in Texas. While yes it may be hot outside, there’s something about a summer wedding that makes celebrating this time of year feel especially romantic and free-spirited.

Summer is also an easier time of year to accommodate guests. Out-of-town attendees will likely thank you for planning your wedding during peak vacation season, when it’s easier to request off and arrange travel.  

Summertime weddings at House Estate can be held indoors or outdoors and couples can take advantage of over 18 acres of trees, lakes and Victorian inspired reception halls.

One way to add a taste of summer to your wedding by taking advantage of bold, refreshing flavors in your wedding cake. You’ll have endless options of cake flavors, themes and garnishes to choose from as most flowers and produce are in peak blooming season. Taking advantage of seasonal ingredients and produce will save you money and keep your cake fresh with local flavor.

There are endless options to choose from, such as a Florida Keys inspired key lime pie cake or a mai tai yellow cake. Both of these options will add a taste of the tropics to your special day. Refreshing, citrus flavors like limes and oranges will keep your guests cool, as will cream based cakes such as orange creamsicle or coconut cream.

If you aren’t set on a wedding cake, you could also try mixing it up with cake alternatives that help beat the heat like boozy popsicles, sherbet, ice cream bars and more. For more summer wedding cake inspiration, check out our visual below and our complete list of 112 Wedding Cake Ideas for Every Season here.  

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Summer Wedding Cake Ideas

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