Printable Bingo Cards For A Fun Bridal Shower

Part of every dream wedding, aside from the beautiful details in your stationery suite, decor, florals and dress, are all of the smaller wedding events that come along with it. Joined by your closest family members and friends, the engagement party, bridal shower and rehearsal dinner are all perfect opportunities to spend some time with everyone celebrating your union. 

If you’re looking to make your own or a friend’s shower unique and fun, add a few games to break the ice and get everyone in a bridal shower mood. We recommend starting with a bride and groom trivia or jeopardy to easily incorporate the couple’s love story throughout the day. This will add some twists and spice to prevent just another bridal shower party.

Closer to the end of your party, invite your guests to play a round of bridal shower bingo as the bride opens her gifts. These customizable, printable bingo cards from Shutterfly, allow you to fill in whatever you’d like for your game. Think of popular gift items like wine glasses, lingerie, jewelry or perfume. As the bride opens each gift, you can cross off any that are on your bingo sheet. The first guest to get five in a row, wins!


To add to the fun, include prizes for the winners. You can gift lip balms or bath salts, candles or even add some gag gifts to the mix to make things interesting. No matter who wins, your bridal shower is sure to be memorable and a good time for everyone. The bridal shower is just one step in your wedding journey so why not make it unique!

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