Preparing For an Engagement Shoot Has Never Been So Easy

You said YES! Now that the congratulations and well wishes have died down, it’s time to start planning for the wedding day. Many newly engaged couples opt for an engagement photoshoot. Whether you want to showcase your everlasting love for each other, or to take some shots for save the dates and gifts for loved ones, engagement shoots are a perfect opportunity to flaunt your new bling while making memories you’ll never forget.

Engagement Photoshoot preparations

After you’ve booked your engagement shoot, it’s important to prepare what you need in advance in case there are any last minute changes or touch ups that need to be done. Here are some helpful tips to prepare for photoshoot day.

Scope out your location ahead of time

Picking a location for your engagement photoshoot might be the most important part. Think about what scenery makes you feel most comfortable and looks aesthetically pleasing. Always take the weather and time of day into account. If it’s winter, maybe look into a cozy lodge or a snowy mountaintop. If the season is warm and sunny, look for bodies of water, blooming trees, public parks, or even a pretty backyard setup. Also be sure to think of any special moments between you and your significant other. Maybe you met in high school and want to re-create a cute photo together at the school, or maybe the proposal happened down by the waterfront or at your favorite restaurant. Try to make these photos just as special as the proposal itself. Don’t be afraid to get creative and have fun!

Prepare your wardrobe

Once you know your location, you’ll be able to start planning outfits. While I’m happy to offer suggested outfits to wear, it’s also good to keep a few things in mind when planning. Take into account your personality and don’t forget to pick wardrobe items you feel comfortable in. You’ll be more confident posing in photos if you feel good in in your clothes. Bring a cute jacket if it’s chilly or a flowy dress if the weather is nice and warm. Showing off your femininity is always a good idea! Don’t forget to wear undergarments that are flattering and work with each outfit, so changing will be quick and painless. Wearing a comfy yet complementary bra is essential since most of your pictures will be showing your upper torso. Find a bra that matches your skin tone and allows you to wear whatever you’d like over it. Matching is a cute way to make your pictures look even more cohesive. Color coordinate with your partner to really improve the overall tone of the photos.

Are you planning to use props or accessories?

Having props or accessories during your engagement shoot can be tricky to execute. But there are some ways to add pizazz the right way. If you plan on using these photos for wedding invites or save the dates, think about what you’d like to be included; maybe a countdown sign, banners, champagne flutes, or even your beloved pet. Think about when you’re older and what you’d like to look back on and see in these photos. Including your kids and pets are perfect ways to create lasting memories you and the whole family will cherish forever.

Take some practice shots

Doing a little research is always a good idea! Hop online and find some inspiration for potential engagement photos you’d like to recreate with your photographer. Check out poses you think are cute and would fit with what you and your partner are comfortable with. Take some shots with family and friends so you can get warmed up and see what you prefer when it comes to posing, smiling, physical touch, etc. This will not only help you save time but also make the overall process easier for your photographer while they are ferociously snapping pictures.

Use these steps to make your engagement photoshoot simple and easy! Do your research and be as comfortable as possible. All that matters is that your love shines through in every picture for years to come. What’s your favorite way to prep for a photoshoot?

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