Pre and Post Wedding Hair Care Tips for Brides

A bride’s beautiful, healthy hair perfectly complements her ideal appearance. Your personality can benefit tremendously from having the right wedding hairstyle and giving you a stunning look.

On your wedding day and every day after, how can you keep your hair as lively and full of bounce as you are? For women, preparations for the perfect bridal look begin well before the big day, mainly due to their hair care routine. Brides-to-be, take note of these hair care tips so that you can confidently attempt new hairstyles and experiment with your hair without feeling guilty!

Here’s some advice: Pay attention to your hair care routine before and after your big day.

Pre-Wedding Hair Care Routine

pre wedding hair care routine
  • Drink a lot of water- Dry hair is nobody’s friend. Start drinking eight glasses of water a day for your hair (and skin)! Avoid sugary beverages and diet sodas. Caffeine dries hair, so drink water instead.
  • Reduce washing; use warm water- Colour fading and dryness might occur if you wash your hair with hot water regularly. Keep the water temperature at lukewarm and wash hair to a minimum to avoid stripping off its natural oils.
  • Choose chemical-free hair products- Many shampoos include drying chemicals. Avoid silicone, sulfates, and parabens in hair care products. Read the ingredients on the label before buying.
  • Use color-safe products on colored hair- Oil is the best-kept secret for dry, lifeless hair by the hairdressers. Use it as a mask for moisture, comb it into wet hair for shine, or brush it over dry hair to control flyaways. Include oil in your pre-wedding hair care regimen.
  • Regularly trim roots- Keep up with your color and get regular trims to stimulate growth and avoid breakage and split ends. “Frequent trims tidy out your ends” follow these tips for healthy, long hair.
  • Avoid using heat or hairspray- In the days and weeks before your wedding, avoid over-styling your hair. Heat-treated hair can break, frizz, and become weak. Dry shampoo and hair spray has the same damaging effects.
  • Apply hair masks weekly– Use Friday nights to relax and moisturize! Do not, however, limit yourself to a face mask. Give your hair extra nutrients by using a hair mask. By doing this every week, your hair will receive the nourishment it needs to grow longer, firmer, and smoother. Choose something with natural oils like Argan oil, Almond oil, Castor oil, and a soothing aroma.
  • Final cut & color 2-4 weeks before the wedding- This is the moment to change your texture, cut, and color for your wedding. Coloring your hair at least two weeks prior gives it time to settle, enables touch-ups, and gets you comfortable with it.
  • Wash and dry hair completely before styling on The big day- “Wash your hair in the morning or the night before,” says an expert. Regular shampoo and final conditioner. No lotions or oils. Not silky smooth. The style requires DRY HAIR.
  • Deep conditioning at saloons- Another excellent hair care tip is to go for regular deep conditioning treatments and hair spas at salons. It isn’t just a nice-to-have yet; it is an absolute must if you want to relax your hair follicles, gain healthier roots, and a more vibrant scalp.

In the months leading up to your big day, we hope that the above simple pre-wedding hair care advice for strong, lustrous, healthy hair will benefit you. We believe your wedding hair will add value to your look and be rewarding if you follow them religiously. 

Post-Wedding Hair Care Tips That Can Help You Look Your Best

Stress and anxiety in the lead and the pulling, teasing, and damage caused by styling your hair for the occasion can cause your hair to feel dry, damaged, or otherwise compromised after the big day. You can finally relax after your wedding.

  • Since your scalp has been exposed to chemicals in shaping the bridal hairstyle, it is essential to use a clarifying shampoo to remove all residues such as styling products and shine spray from your bridal hairdo.
  • Remove all of your hairpins and accessories with care. Carefully removing them usually needs the assistance of more than two exhausted hands. Be careful not to damage your hair by pulling too hard when removing the tangles. Furthermore, start by removing hair from the bottom of the head and work your way up.
  • Remove the tangles from the bottom of the hair with a comb. Brush your hair gently and thoroughly with a wide-toothed comb. That will make it easier to remove the tangles. Once you’ve reached your head, turn around and face it. To remove the knots from your hair, divide it into sections and gently go through each section with a comb.
  • Take a break from heat styling using a blow dryer, hair straightener, or curling iron for the shortest time possible.
  • Take a shower with warm water. Avoid overheating or undercooling the water. The lukewarm water will not damage your hair. It will easily remove the chemicals and sprays you might have applied without harming your hair. Spend a good 10 minutes rinse your hair gently under running water.
  • Apply a mild shampoo to your head and hair. Massage your scalp and make sure to cleanse it thoroughly. Rinse with lukewarm water to remove any remaining shampoo. Repeat the step couple of times as needed. Mousse and sprays can be tough lather again to remove any traces.
  • Apply conditioner and blow-dry on medium or low heat. You can spray a de-tangling solution before combing dry hair with a wide-toothed comb to remove tangles. If you don’t use conditioner, use oil to prevent dryness.
  • After three days, shampoo and oil-massage your hair. Ask your beautician about protein treatments to remove chemical damage and restore hair’s natural health. If so, wait a week or ten days. You’ll have normal-looking hair back.

There are so many reasons for having a “Good Hair Day” for women, one of which is that it boosts their self-esteem. Trying a homey tip to re-gain the health and luster of the hair must be a great option when you need a quick cure for post-wedding events.

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