New Wedding Trends – Reuse, Don’t Throw

Gone are the days when couples would spend a fortune on wedding decoration items that would end up wasted. Besides being expensive, the process of finding the best decor is also time-consuming. The sad part is that many of the wedding items don’t live to see another day.

This doesn’t have to be the case, considering the effort it takes to put everything together for your special day. Today, you can choose from a myriad of reusable decoration trends. They don’t have to be expensive or far-fetched, and here are a few ideas to get you started.

1.    Floral Bouquets

floral bouquets house estate-min

Wedding flowers can take quite a chunk of your wedding budget. It would, therefore, be a waste to have no use for your wedding flowers after the big day. Consider ordering preserved flowers that can live up to two years without withering.

They’ll not only be part of your anniversary celebrations but can also be used to grace other occasions. The good thing is that they look just like fresh flowers and people will never know that they’re not.

2.    Wedding Attire

You’re already wondering how you can reuse your wedding gown. Well, if not the whole of it, some parts can be worn for another event. Consider going for a frock with detachable parts. For example, you can slip a lace top over a strapless wedding dress to add sleeves for a complete look.

You can take off the top after the main ceremony, giving your guests the impression of two completely different gowns. Choose a top that matches well with your wardrobe so you won’t have trouble wearing it after the wedding.

3.    Headbands and Chains

Veils are probably the most classic and expensive part of a bride’s outfit. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to wear a veil anywhere else after the wedding day. As such, many brides are looking for alternative head accessories to use in place of the veil.

Among the replacements available are headbands and crowns. Most of those available on the market today can be worn in several different ways. You can wear it for less formal occasions without them screaming bridal. 

4.    Bridal Belts

Sometimes, toning down on your wedding outfit is an excellent way to make it wearable on a totally different occasion. Instead of going for a wedding dress endowed with tons of embellishments, choose a simple gown. You can then customize it with a bridal belt that can be matched with a casual sundress later.

5.    Tea Cups

wedding tea cups house estate-min

If you wish to have a wedding with a vintage theme, vintage teacups can be part of your décor. Bring along a set and have it strategically placed at the wedding reception. Once back home, using them for your morning coffee will make every moment feel special.

6.    Barrels

Real bourbon barrels can be both functional and aesthetic in your wedding reception. Besides holding whiskey for your guests, they can also improve the aesthetic appeal of your décor. Have them strategically placed at the bar area, and you’ll have everyone borrowing this decor idea for their party.

The good thing is that you can use the barrels to age your wine or whiskey at home. Alternatively, you can put them up or sale and recover a good amount of the money spent on wedding décor.

7.    Cake Topper

The wedding cake is yet another component of the wedding that costs. You might be wondering what part of a wedding cake can be reused. The truth is the edible frosting flowers look amazing but add to the cost of the cake.

Instead of the frosting designs, consider adding sentimental cake toppers instead. Let the service provider attach a ribbon. This way, you can reuse the topper as a walling hanging or tree ornament during holidays. 

Final Thoughts

A good portion of the wedding budget goes into buying items that may not serve the purpose another day. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. You can still incorporate décor items that aren’t so bridal and which can be used in a different setting.

The wedding industry is making it easier or couples by coming up with unique decoration ideas that can be reused. Among them are the bride’s accessories, floral bouquets, and cake toppers. Don’t limit yourself to these ideas.

There’s a lot more you can use to your advantage during and after the wedding day.

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