Most Uncommon Wedding Day Preparation

The day you have waited your whole life for is rapidly approaching and there are so many thoughts running through your head as you begin your wedding preparations. From the venue to the flowers, to the photographer, there are so many things to keep track of. While these are all extremely important, it is crucial that you put some effort into making yourself look and feel your best. You will be confident and ready once the day arrives. Consider this list of not-so-common wedding prep ideas for your big day.

Long Hair Don’t Care

wedding hair for bride house estate

Having a great hair day on your wedding day is so important. Meet with your stylist or barber in order to determine what style you would like to have. Keep in mind that hair grows on average at a rate of ¼ inches per month, so do not get any haircuts that could jeopardize what you are looking to do with your hair. For brides, consider trying Sugar Bear Hair Gummies, which can improve the growth of your hair. They are packed with biotin, vitamin D and folic acid. All of which help to strengthen your hair follicles. For the groom, consider Finasteride by hims. It helps send blood to the scalp to increase circulation. It will slow down the hair loss process and help to keep what hair you already have.

You Are What You Eat

kiki for wedding preparation

Whenever you want to make in a change in your body, consider what you are bringing into it. There are plenty of foods to check out that can make your skin bright and allow you to show off your wedding day glow. According to, rosemary is an herb that is packed with antioxidants and helps to prevent your skin from sun damage. This is important to prevent wrinkles and fine lines, sunspots and, potentially, melanoma. Kiwis are loaded with vitamin C, almost 120% of your recommended daily intake can come from one medium sized kiki. They help to keep your skin taught and moisturized. Vitamin C has been known to help in your fight against dry skin.

Take The Time To Relax

relax for your perfect wedding day

Between all the time and money that you will spend gearing up for your wedding, there can be a lot of stress placed on your shoulders. It is important to have a clear head when making decisions that are financially straining. Healthline offers their best meditation apps of 2018 to help calm your mind, lower anxiety and improve sleep. These are all important to promote mindfulness so that when your wedding day does arrive, you will be able to enjoy it worry-free. Often mental health gets pushed to the back burner, but now not only will you look great, but you will feel great as well!






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