How to Plan a Wedding Step-by-Step: Tips for a Happy Bride

Well, the happiest event of your life is coming. You must be happy, energetic, and a little bit worried about managing everything, Right? After congratulation, I will give you some amazing tips to manage everything from the bride’s dress to hosting the guests and from venue to honeymoon.

Unlike the groom, the bride has more tasks to do. You are going to host the guests so, you have to take care of the venue as well as the menu. Even the wedding day dressing and fashion accessories of the bride become complicated. Follow the below tips to keep yourself hassle-free on the most special day.

Finalize your Wedding Budget

finalize wedding budget

The very first step is to finalize the amount that you can spend on each thing. You have to decide that what would be the cost of dressing, wedding ring and other jewelry accessories that you can afford. You also have to decide your budget for the venue, location, honeymoon, etc.

It will be best to make a list of each item with a spendable amount. You can compare the prices of everything and then decide your final budget. In this way, you will be able to figure out the right spendable amount.

Make a To-Do List

Want to make sure that nothing left can embarrass you on the wedding day? Then make a to-do list. There are lots of online free tools that can help you in arrangements and can make an easy to follow to-do lists.

List all the important things ranging from bridal dressing to the honeymoon. You can also categorize things such as a category of “bride” where you will make a checklist of everything that bridal has to buy similarly other categories with their respective checklists.

Buy Bridal Dress & Fashion Accessories

bridal dress and accessories

It’s a special day for the bridal so; her fashion is the most important thing. She is going to be noticed by everyone and she also has a desire to look like the most beautiful girl on her wedding day.

Several online resources can help you in getting bridal dressing ideas. Popular resources are Pinterest, Instagram, Fashion magazines. You have to wear something that suits you. For example, you do not need to wear a long heal if you are not used too. You have to prefer comfort over fashion.

There are many other important accessories including a bangle or bracelet, hair comb, diamond earrings so, make sure you only choose the fashion accessories that can keep you comfortable. For example, if you generally wear smaller earrings then do not try long earrings on that day. If you are looking for something unique & latest & in budget price then you must try black diamond wedding rings for her. You do not need to be worried about styles. Every size of accessories is available in stunning styles.

Make a List of Guests

A list of guests will make sure that you invite all the guests that you want to. It is a hard task to make a wish list of your guests as it depends on your budget. You have to discuss with your family members to make the right decision.

Decide a Theme

How the location will be decorated? You can choose a theme for your wedding from lots of popular themes such as romantic, formal, winter, rustic and nature-inspired.

Wedding Registry

You and your partner have to make a list of gifts that you want to receive. You can add things from classical to creative depending on the guests and your environment.

Finalize Wedding Party Venue

Once you have decided the wedding date, budget, and have made a list of guests, it’s time to decide on a venue. You can start by reading Google reviews of your local venues. Visit the location with your partner and make a final decision.

Arrange Transport

You may have to arrange transportation. It depends on the venue. You have to arrange transport for yourself and the wedding party. If your guests are coming from out of town then most probably they will directly reach the venue instead of visiting you. Anyway, you must have transport for nearby people.

Get your Marriage License

You should be crazy as well as busy in the smaller to bigger tasks but do not forget to get your marriage license. Make sure you have prepared all the required documents before. It is also good to know that a marriage license is only valid for a couple of months.

Booking for Honeymoon

Wedding planning and honeymoon planning is not a hard as well as expensive task especially if they both are doing it themselves. It is recommended to keep a gap between marriage and honeymoon so that it does not go out of budget and you both also have time to rest before traveling and going to a beautiful place.


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