How to Incorporate Your Eco-Friendly Values into Your Wedding

Nothing bonds two people together quite like a shared devotion to a cause. It would make sense then, that two people who are passionate about the environment include eco-friendly practices into their wedding planning. Whether you’re planning a large or small wedding, there are a number of options you can utilize to reduce the negative impact your wedding might otherwise have on the planet. Check out these tips on incorporating your green values into your wedding!

Food Factors

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When you start planning the menu and looking for caterers, you will want to be sure you and your partner are reviewing eco-friendly catering tips so you are prepared with the right questions to ask. You may want to find out if they are using energy-efficient kitchenware and if they compost or donate excess food. It’s important to find and support businesses that are making these kinds of sustainable efforts, and the opportunity to cater your wedding might just be a great moment for them to showcase their efforts. Once it comes time to discuss your menu, keep in mind that the most environmentally friendly choices are locally sourced foods. This can present limitations, as you can then only serve what is in season. However, when you think about the benefits of your food not having to travel very far, or the support it is bringing to local farmers or butchers, it’s an easier choice to make.

Say Yes to Secondhand

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Long before you head down the aisle, you will have many celebrations in your honor. Consider alternatives to buying brand new dresses or formal wear for all these parties when they won’t get much use after the festivities are over. We might not realize the impact our shopping habits have on the environment, but giving clothing a longer life is one of the easiest things we can do to lower our closet’s carbon footprint. Maybe you could arrange a clothing swap with your wedding party to pool your wardrobes together for more options beyond your own closet. If you still find yourself needing a certain look or certain fit that you couldn’t find from your friends, you could always try your hand at thrift shopping. Online consignment stores make it even easier to find what you’re looking for, instead of having to physically search through racks in a brick and mortar store. The least wasteful purchases would mean finding outfits you feel that you could continue to wear post-wedding, perhaps by dressing them down for work looks. By thrifting Ann Taylor styles, you can be ready to look sharp all throughout your engagement celebrations, all the while knowing that each thrifted look is lowering your impact on the environment.

Paper? Please.

Before you place your orders for invitations, start by doing a little digging into your options. If you’re going to send out paper invitations, one eco-friendly option is to find companies that are using recycled paper. This way you are helping to make use of paper that’s already been in circulation and supporting a process that is preventing all paper from becoming waste. Similarly, some companies are creating invitations that can be planted. They will break down and plant seeds that were incorporated throughout the paper once in the ground. Not only does it serve its function, but it takes something that would have been trash and turns it into something that will grow.

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