From Head to Toe: How to Choose Your Bridal Look

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Planning for your wedding day is so exciting, and choosing your wedding outfit and beauty look is pretty high on the list of priorities. You can take the stress out of it by getting organized and having a systematic approach, so let’s check out how to get your dream bridal look from head to toe.


wedding hair house estate houstonStarting right at the top, when it comes to choosing a wedding hairstyle and making it work, the key thing is to start early. Pick a few options and make appointments to see different stylists so you can get their input, then choose the one that you’re really comfortable with. Plus, don’t forget that if you want the style to look its best you need to have your hair looking its best too. Check with your stylist in advance how often to wash hair according to your hair type, and take good care of your hair ahead of the big day. And if you want to make the stylist’s job easier on the day, remember you should wash your hair the day before the wedding so it’s easier to style.


house estate wedding makeup houstonJust like your hair, makeup is something you want to start thinking about long before the day. Get together a few looks and share them with friends or a professional makeup artist to come to a decision. On the day itself, cleanse and moisturize so that the makeup will stay on all day and go for waterproof products around the eyes. Again just like with your hair, do a few rehearsals to see what the final look is like, how long it takes and whether it’ll hold for the day. Look for Creative Designing Team in Houston.


wedding dresses houstonThe dress: the single most important part of any bride’s wedding look. There is so much to think about but the biggest thing to keep at the forefront of your mind is that you need to be comfortable with what you choose and Convert Your Wedding Gown to an Amazing Wedding Dress. That doesn’t just mean choosing a style that you love but also choosing something that fits your budget; the last thing you want is to be stressing about money.

Back to style. Take friends with you to various bridal boutiques and try on a LOT of dresses. Consider the season, theme of the wedding if you’ve got one and how you want your overall look to go. Be guided by the dress fitters and take the advice of your friends too, but ultimately it’s your choice. Take photos of dresses and give yourself time to make a decision; don’t just go for the first thing you like. Approach your dress choice in this way and you’re going to end up with something you love.

wedding accessories house estate houstonShoes

Shoes are the final part of your outfit, but no less important. Again, it’s your choice to make but there are a few practical things to consider. For one, you want shoes that match your outfit. Two, if you’re going to go for high heels consider buying two pairs: the dream pair for the ceremony and photos, and another, more comfortable, pair for the dancing. Give yourself plenty of time to choose Wedding Accessories that are Suited for Your Great Moment just in case the pair that you fall in love with isn’t in stock. They’ll be well worth waiting for if you give yourself enough time.


From massive decisions like not rushing when choosing a dress and shoes to specific details like following a few essential tips such as how often to wash hair, for healthy-looking hair on the big day – there’s a lot to consider when it comes to choosing your wedding look. Take your time, make a plan with House Estate Houston, Texas wedding venue and you’re going to get that dream look, the one you’ve always wanted for your big day!

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