The Dos and Don’ts of Registering for Your Wedding

So many ideas, opinions and voices are thrown at you during wedding planning; from friends and family, to Pinterest, the opinions and options are endless. Help and feedback should be welcome, but one area where you want to take the lead is your registry. No one else knows how to essentially hand-select the life you want to create together better than you do. Keep these tips in mind to put you on the right track!

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Do Work Together

First and foremost, your registry is what you’re building your new life off of so it’s important to have both voices included. A marriage is a partnership, so work as a team to figure out what you want your life together to look like, even if that means one person takes the lead and the other is happy to follow along while adding items!

Don’t Add Things Just To Include Them

Pressure from family members, thinking you “need” to have things you know you won’t use and getting a little bit too comfortable hitting the add button during the registry process are all common issues. Try to avoid this urge since all you’ll be doing is dealing with cluttered closets and writing more thank you notes for a gift you’ll probably never use.

Do Set Aside Plenty of Time to Research and Register

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Just like the process of finding your perfect wedding venue, your registry will need to be done well ahead of the big day so you can include it on shower invitations. Start early and don’t be afraid to shop around before committing to a plan. Registries can and should be as personal as you can make them, so if you need a ton of kitchen goods find a store that can fit the bill. If you might be needing more linens and towels, find the ones you’ll love and include those. Different vendors can now all be placed on one main registry through wedding sites now, find exactly what you want and need as soon as your planning gets underway.

Don’t Be Afraid to Add Larger Items

Now that you’ve avoided the trap of adding too many items you don’t want and know exactly what you need, don’t shy away from adding them even if they are unique. It’s better to add one top of the line vacuum or blender for guests to contribute towards, rather than a bunch of smaller items you don’t really need. Upgrading to higher quality means you’ll get only what you want and they’ll probably last you longer.

Unique items also fall under this category as well since a home isn’t just created with the more traditional home goods alone. If what you really need is the sofa you found online to fit the home you’re planning on buying, add it to the registry or include it on a home improvement fund for future purchase.

Do Include Your Registry Information in Several Places for Guests

After all the time and effort you put into creating the perfect registry to fit all your future needs, now you need to make it easily accessible for guests to find. Clearly list the names, vendors and websites where they can find your registries on your wedding website and all shower invitations. Include any additional information they might need if you’ve selected a unique route or fund on a non-registry site like a charity fund or aggregate registry.

Don’t Forget to Have Fun!

Wedding planning is stressful and the registry process can often be overwhelming with so many details and things to consider. Keep your eye on the prize and try to remember that you’re building your new life with your registry and have some fun!


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