Budgeting for Wedding Bouquets : A Seasonal Flower Chart

Planning a wedding? That’s wonderful: It’s a great time of life and should be a lot of fun … until you get to the budgeting part. Unless you have an open checkbook, you’ll likely have to put some limits on what you spend and allocate it to all the various places, people, and things that go into getting married: food, locations, invites, dress and tuxedo, and, of course, flowers.

While flowers don’t take even a majority of most wedding budgets, they do account for significant expense—about 8 percent in fact. That’s because you can find flowers for a wedding in most people’s hands (or on their lapels) and in all the different venues, from church or ceremony location to wherever you eat and dance. So how do you include blooms but be judicious about them, too? One idea is to go seasonal, and this graphic has some useful tips to try.


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Budgeting for Wedding Bouquets: A Seasonal Flower Chart


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