Bringing Gifts to The Destination Wedding: Should you do it?

Weddings are incredibly popular as millions of couples are married around the world every single year. While many of these take place in churches, back yards and rec halls, they can also take place on a beach in the form of a destination wedding.

As you likely know, it is customary to bring gifts to any wedding you attend. However, what about destination weddings? Do you need to bring gifts to these weddings if you’ve already made the trip?

In general, we would say yes! In fact, there are several great wedding gifts that make a perfect choice for the destination wedding. This article is going to look at a few of them.

Personalized Decanter and Whiskey Glass Gift Set

If the lovely couple getting married on the destination wedding like to enjoy a casual drink or three, this is a great gift for them. This decanter and whiskey glass set comes in a high-quality keepsake wooden box that will only get better with age. The glass is high-quality and will last for many years if cared for correctly.

Not only is it high-quality, but everything can be personalized. The box, the decanter and even the glasses can be personalized with the last name that the new couple will share. This is a timeless gift and will never go out of style, so you know the couple will be proud of it for years to come.

Personalized Mr and Mrs Luggage Tags Pair

Personalized Mr and Mrs Luggage Tags Pair
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If you’re at a destination wedding, chances are that the bride and groom have a fair share of luggage with them. Help them take that luggage to the next level with some personalized luggage tags. These are made of high-quality and durable leather and can be personalized with the names of the new bride or groom.

These luggage tags can be enjoyed for years and will ensure they can always recognize their luggage, no matter how common the design. These tags are also laser engraved, so the engraving won’t fade or rub off over time.

Homesick Candles

Homesick Candles
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While a destination wedding can be a fun time, it can also lead to the couple missing where they live. Also, with family and friends surrounding the couple, it might take them back to thoughts of their hometowns and simpler times. A classic, unique and thoughtful wedding gift could be one that helps them further tap into this nostalgia of home.

Homesick candles offer specialized candles that can remind people of the city or country where they are from. Each candle is delicately selected to help people be reminded of home. There are many different options for these candles so whether the couple is from New York, Chicago, France, Brazil or any number of places, these candles can be a wonderful gift.

Personalized World Traveler Map

World Traveler Map
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If the couple is having a destination wedding, there is a very good chance that they love to travel. As a result, getting them a high-quality personalized map can be a great gift. This map is not only hand made, but will last for a very long time to help the couple document where they have been, where they want to go, and their dream destinations.

The map is quite large and comes with a wooden frame and a durable design. Every map is completely unique and you can bet the couple will have a fun time filling out where they each have been, and the map is a joyful way to plan and map out future trips.

High-Quality Beach Towels from Dock & Bay

After (or before) the wedding, there is a good chance most of the wedding party and guests will be enjoying some time on the beach at a destination wedding. A nice, new beach towel can be a very appreciated gift for those long days in the sun.

These towels from Dock & Bay are some of the best options on the market. They come in many attractive designs and come with many features. They are quick-drying, sand-resistant, absorbent and incredibly lightweight and portable.

Any of these gifts would be a great option to bring for a destination wedding.