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Photos are the most beautiful piece of art that helps to preserve memories just like the first time you saw it. If there is one thing one just can’t overlook at the time of the wedding it has got to be your wedding photos!!!! It will have to be the treasure that will spice the couple up many years after the wedding bells have stopped ringing!!

The small moments between the big ones sometimes make the best photos.


Bride and Groom to be would like to click their pictures in the dream dresses they have chosen for their perfect day. Beautiful pictures can be taken while dressing up for example one would love to see both the sides while dressing up for a wedding so ask the photographer to click the guys knotting their ties up putting on their wedding suits and same goes with the girls dressing the bride or themselves in the most beautiful trousseau and sharing their high fashion look. Another suggestion can be given to the photographer is to make the bride holding a brash sign for a groom expressing all the feelings for the groom. The couple can use many other props to make the wedding images more attractive and memorable, use the wedding rings to symbolize your new great union of love. The usually forgotten photos can be clicked at the time of the wedding that is like wedding flowers and welcome wedding bags. Accessories of bride and groom can be captured in the shots starting from the bouquet of the bride to the groom’s corsage.

 Other pictures like holding hands, couples in a playful mood or playing games like tug of war making hand hearts can be clicked to preserve the craziest memories of the weddings. Moments of pre ceremonial moments like the very first time bride and groom to-be read the swapped vow letters or sharing the last word with parents before the wedding, also the crazy family shots can give one the best memories that can be cherished. We will make sure that we will provide you with the best memory shots that will stand exactly what you will desire to have on your wedding day.

How about perfect wedding photography ideas in your perfect wedding dress????

wedding photography houstonOther Important wedding photos tips and Suggestions:

  • An artistic angle of the bridesmaid at the wedding ceremony will add a new sentiment that you were not able to see at your wedding but will remind you of each moment of the wedding whenever you feel like going back down memory lane.
  • Flippant photo shoots of groomsmen with different angles will do the same by adding new crazy moments of the wedding.
  • “I do” wedding photos are absolutely the most romantic images of your wedding day. A candid shot of the entire guest’s reaction the moment the couple say “I do” will give you a new perspective to the wedding.
  • We will provide you with Eccentric Polaroid photos ideas counting kids at wedding, shoes of the bride and groom to be, the aisle walk of the bride, the expression on the groom’s face as he awaits his spouse –to- be at the end of the altar can prove to be the best shots and memories that can be preserved for a lifetime.
  • Photos of the special traditions with different and beautiful captions can add to the unique aspects of your wedding memories.
  • Don’t miss the shots of the site and the wedding décor including the small touches making your big day a treasured moment and special one.
  • “Nowhere to go!!” serious shots just screams like that – use a vintage car as a prop in the middle of the grassy park with a completely dressed bride and groom to be and their friends in the middle of nowhere can help you achieve the best vintage wedding memory.
  • Pictures of the guest cheering as the bride and groom to be shares a kiss can prove to be the shot that will make your heart beat faster!!
  • After all that a pulled back shot of the reception area highlighting the décor and guest book at the venue of the reception capturing all the décor details from the centerpieces to the small details of the hollowware will be some of your prized pictures as it details your hard work in putting the event together.
  • Photos of the signature cocktail and food will make one think that a good wedding caterer makes not only a delicious entree but also a beautiful one and a good photographer will know just how to snap it!!!
  •  “The wedding Cake” is the most classic or iconic part of any wedding so ensure the photographer takes a number of these snapshots so that the couple remembers it well by preserving it as a fond memory of their album .
  • Capture the folks who kept the guest on their feet all the night —- Yes they are the wedding musicians as without them any wedding will be incomplete.
  • The bride and groom- to- be might not remember much of their first dance so capture the moment and preserve this priceless moment.
  • Capture the emotional pictures that make for touching photographs just like the father-daughter and mother-son dance. Taking just the right shots can make these wedding moments more special and iconic.
  • An aerial shot of the festivities at the wedding or reception venue adds a unique perspective.
  •  The recessional shot is the most happening and happiest moment of many albums. You will be provided with recessional shots.
  • A goodbye shot is yet another way to get closer to the wedding album whether you had a glamorous send-off or something more like a low-key one.
  • They say natural photos are the best photo memories, so ask the photographer to click the shots when bride and groom are relaxing and interacting with each other.
  • When it comes to wedding photography one should not try hard they should be personable and cheerful. We work with photographers that every wedding couple is extremely pleased with and who capture every emotion of a wedding.


So, take inspiration from our photo collections of wedding photo ideas and work closer to the photographer to get the shots you desire to have. We are sure that your wedding day will go off without a hitch!!!!

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